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NLP Master Practioner 

Scott Bohart, M.P. |Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified Master Practitioner

NLP, EFT and Cognitive Questioning


Scott Bohart has been involved with self-development for over 25 years.  It started when he became an Aikido student at the University of Colorado and learned how he could defend himself better, move more efficiently and stay calm in situations when he needed it. 


Scott then discovered the field of self-development when he attended a workshop in Japan on how to be a better teacher.  There, he was introduced to NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming, which helps people reprogram old habits and perspectives to achieve extraordinary results.  In 2007 & 2008, he studied with Judy DeLozier, Robert Dilts, and Suzie Smith at NLPU in Santa Cruz, CA and received a Master Practitioner certification.  Scott has also incorporated other techniques into his training with clients, including EFT, cognitive questioning and active listening to elicit the kinds of new perspectives and motivation his clients desire.


Scott started his practice in Tokyo where he trained people to become more confident in their abilities to communicate effectively in the multicultural business world there.  Since he returned to Seattle in 2016, Scott has focused on building clients’ motivation to follow their diet, fitness and/or health plans and for leaders to achieve success in their business and career goals.  He has been a presenter at Washington Work Source – an organization dedicated to state employment and training services for job seekers and employers.

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