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Dr. Bill Caradonna Patient Testimonials for

Musculoskeletal Injury/Pain Treatments

“I received injections for an inflamed knee and chronic neck pain, and I experienced immediate and significant pain reduction. My range of motion in the knee was doubled and my cervical left and right rotation instantly increased by about 30 and 20 degrees, respectively! One week later, my range of motions and pain level are still significantly improved.” – C.B., Seattle, WA


“I think Dr. Bill is awesome and those injections work like magic!” -M.A., Seattle, WA


“I had chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain when I came to Dr. Bill.  I was also experiencing headaches, dizziness and muscle spasms.  I had limited head rotation, decreased energy and my neck and shoulder movements were restricted.  All of my symptoms have now improved.  I went from weekly musculoskeletal injections to every 10 weeks for maintenance.  I no longer have headaches, dizziness, or muscle spasms and my energy has increased significantly.” -P.E., Seattle, WA


“I began seeing Dr. Caradonna after an auto accident injury for my neck, upper, middle and lower back. The accident left me with a restricted range of motion, stiffness, muscular hypertension, stress and jaw tension/discomfort. I had trouble working, driving, moving around, and sleeping. I had an 80% increase in my range of motion — the same day as the first treatment! I also had measurable and significant decrease in muscular tension and stiffness.” – J.L., Seattle, WA


“I experienced a numb left heel, sciatica, numbness along back of left leg, tightness in hip, and occasional leg cramping/spasms due to a herniated disc L5-S1. After 2 years of trying chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture with no results, I began seeing Dr. Caradonna for homeopathic injections. After treatment, my left buttocks/hip area and lower back relaxed significantly, left leg ceased cramping randomly, currents of energy flowed in my heel and sensation returned to one area of my left heel. I began to feel more reassured that my life would go on. With my disc problem, I have needed to see Dr. Caradonna for maintenance visits and injections, but could go longer periods of time (4-6 weeks) without needing these. When I first started seeing Dr. Bill, he informed me he had a 90% success rate, I immediately figured I’d be part of the 10% that couldn’t be cured. The improvements were very gradual, which he expected. But when we decided to treat more frequently, I really turned a corner. Over the past 3 years, I definitely could tell there have been big improvements, both physically and emotionally. I’m really glad I took that first step and called Dr. Bill – it made a big difference in my overall well-being.” – Linda, Seattle, WA


“I began seeing Dr. Caradonna for carpal tunnel wrist pain and low back muscle spasms/back pain. The carpal tunnel achiness and tingling had been present for 2 months. After 4 treatments my wrist and arm felt 90% better. The back pain was chronic. After one injection during a low back flare up, I felt much better. In the past I had to see a radiologist for cortisone injections which cost a lot more and can be harmful to your muscles. I’ve had disc problems for 25 years and this is the best, quickest treatment by far.” – Melissa, Seattle, WA


“I began seeing Dr. Caradonna to treat a frozen shoulder. For a year, the injury left me with a limited range of motion, sleep disturbances, limited use of my arm, and it hurt all of the time! I’ve tried acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage to help with the pain, but I had the most relief and improvement with the musculoskeletal injections from Dr. Caradonna. After seven weekly treatments my shoulder is 90% better!” – C.P., Seattle, WA


“I have chronic back and neck issues which cause regular physical discomfort. Dr. Caradonna’s trigger point treatment is key to managing and improving the problem. I am extremely happy to have been referred to him and am an advocate for his care.” – K.S., Seattle, WA


“I had suffered two falls at work due to faulty equipment. My symptoms were chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. I had been under “medical care” via Western Medicine for more than 5 months. I thought I was on the road to chronic pain, a life of physical limitations and frequent pain medications. I sought alternative medicine to possibly improve my quality of life. One task was all I could perform a day. If I performed grooming skills, I was unable to cook or clean. I was beginning to think I would have to receive physical assistance for my daily needs.  I received homeopathic musculoskeletal injections treatments from Dr. Bill Caradonna. I immediately received relief from the pain. I was then able to sleep at night. As I progressed through treatments I was able to perform more activities of daily living. I am advancing in my independence and quality of life, not to mention my improved safety from increased endurance and decreased pain. I am no longer on any medications. I am able to drive for more than 1 hour at a time. I can play with my granddaughter again and now have a positive outlook for my future.” – Susan, North Bend, WA


“I had a torn muscle in my right calf. I am an ultra athlete and this completely affected my activities. For six weeks I had very limited strength, range of motion, and was unable to perform any lower body exercise. My leg injury improved at an accelerated rate. In five weeks with 4 series of trigger point injections, I was able to climb for 23 hours with a total of 9,500 feet of gain and loss with 3,000 feet of rock climbing. The injections were an integral part of my healing and recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Caradonna.” – Chad, Seattle, WA


“I injured my shoulder bench pressing while training for an upcoming powerlifting meet. I had injured my shoulder twice before and knew it would take three to six months before I could continue with bench press training. Unfortunately the meet was only two months away. I considered my dilemma and decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Caradonna with the hope that he could somehow treat my shoulder so that I could continue training and participate in the meet. I also decided to see if he could treat the chronic pain in my right hip that had been nagging me for several years. After being treated by Dr. Caradonna my shoulder, hip and low back improved significantly along with my energy level. My recovery was beyond all expectations. Thanks to Dr. Caradonna I was able to compete in the meet breaking several Washington state and American records. Dr. Caradonna and Dr. Kreemer are knowledgeable caring doctors with years of experience. They take the time to listen and ask the questions necessary to provide you with the best of care.” -B.C., Seattle, WA


“I had 15 years of chronic left arm and shoulder pain and my physical therapist recommended that I see Dr. Bill.  I had tried many other treatments but got no relief.  The constant pain made me tired, in a bad mood, and affected my sleep as well.  After receiving treatment, I had immediate relief; I am very happy with the results. The symptoms are almost all gone after 7 treatments.” – D.J., Seattle, WA

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