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Dr. Bill Caradonna Patient Testimonials for

General Naturopathic Treatment

“Bill -- your help and treatment has been phenomenal! I am so pleased.” - M.C., Auburn, WA


“Thank you again for all you do. I think you're awesome!” -T.K., Seattle, WA


“Thank you for all the extra time and effort you have given me and my health problems. It is very much appreciated. You are one in a million at your profession!” -J.M., Seattle, WA

“I wanted to send a big thanks to you. Being under your care has greatly improved my life (after virtually no improvement over the last 15 years)! You are making a difference!” -M.P., Seattle, WA

“I wanted to say an extra Thank You for helping me with my health and wellness and pain management this past year. I feel SO much better than when I met you.” -A.P., Seattle, WA


“On behalf of my daughter and I, we want to thank Dr. Bill so much for his compassionate spirit and tremendous patience in always listening to our needs and concerns for the sake of our health and overall well-being.  I have never known a more compassionate and caring doctor. He sincerely cares about his patients and wants to get to the root of their problems in an approach that is totally different from traditional doctors.  He offers remedies that traditional doctors do not.  Even so, Dr. Bill still embraces traditional medicine along with naturopathic when he believes it is necessary, and I appreciate that he has an open mind to allow all possible remedies that will help his patients resolve their health issues.  I have the highest degree of respect and admiration for him and what he does for others.” -T.B., Seattle, WA


“A note of much appreciation for all that you do.  We both sincerely feel that we get excellent care and advice from you.  We appreciate that you go ‘the extra mile’- thank you!” – S.W. & B.J., Seattle, WA

“I’m what they call a complicated case. And over the last several years Bill has taken me on with a quiet confidence and a surety that has allowed me to trust him completely, both in his knowledge, and in his compassionate manner. I always feel better after I leave our sessions and, due to his extensive knowledge of Allopathic Medicines as well as Naturopathic ones he has been able to help me feel assured that all my medications will work safely together. I feel incredibly grateful for the generosity of his time and energy.” – S.J.W., Seattle, WA


“Thanks again for your support and that of your staff- your efforts have improved my life considerably.  My guess is you do that for a lot of people.” -J.M., Portland, OR


“Every fall I get a cold.  It starts with a little drainage in the back of the throat then goes full on into the head and then down into my bronchial tubes and chest.  Usually, I dope up with lots of over-the-counter stuff and a few home remedies.  Typically, I’m physically miserable for a week feeling like I’m being suffocated, followed by two weeks with no voice.  I’m a small business owner and being out of the office for any length of time is really troublesome, let alone 3 weeks, but employees and clients don’t want to be around anyone who’s coughing, hacking and can’t speak.   Dr. Bill gave me a regimen of immune booster injections and prescribed a naturopathic cold therapy.   While hopeful, I was highly skeptical.   The reality is, it worked way beyond my expectations.   Bottom line: The cold didn’t come close to its normal rehabilitative symptoms.  Within 24 hours I felt significant improvements.  The cold was completely gone in a third of the previous times and I didn’t lose my voice.” -R.K., Seattle, WA


“I came to Dr. Bill with high fasting glucose levels, heart and prostate concerns.  I was worried about my pre-diabetic status, elevated PSA count, weight gain, sluggishness and low energy.  After receiving treatment, my glucose levels have lowered, my heart function has improved and my PSA count is in an acceptable range.” -P.E., Seattle, WA


“I am sure we can never fully repay you for the excellent care you have given us this past year. And hopefully we can continue with you for many years!!!” – J.R., Seattle, WA


“There are no words that I can even begin to explain how much your kind heart has done for me. Thank you for your continued care!” – K.K., Seattle, WA


“I started seeing Dr. Bill initially because I was noticing fatigue at the end of the day.  Like many business owners, I work fairly long hours.  In addition, I play competitive soccer 2-3 times per week.  Over the last few years, I started to notice I would tire in the afternoon and would have difficulty focusing on mentally demanding tasks.  Thanks to my very nutritionally health conscious wife, my diet is well balanced, organic and has ample protein in it, so I attributed my fatigue to too little sleep.  Dr. Bill started giving me B12 injections.  At first I didn’t see a dramatic difference like I had hoped, but after a few injections, I started to notice more energy and focus in the afternoon.  In addition, I have more energy at the end of the week to enjoy weekends with my family, plus, I’m not taking naps on the weekend trying to “catch up”.  Ironically, my sleep pattern improved as well.  Now, I can see a noticeable difference in my energy and focus when my B12 is low.” -R.K., Seattle, WA

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