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Dr. Barbara Kreemer Patient Testimonials for

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment

“After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue disorder, I began receiving a variety of supplements and medications. When none of these treatments were able to help, I went to Dr. Kreemer. Within a short time of receiving my remedy, I gained a renewed sense of well being. I felt superb — energetic and alive again! Dr. Kreemer is the best Homeopath I know.” – D.S., Seattle, WA


“When the pain of severe endometriosis shut down much of my life and my hope at the age of 35, my only choice left was a hysterectomy. After a friend referred me to Dr. Kreemer, I began taking my Homeopathic remedy. Within two weeks I noticed a substantial reduction in pain. Nine months later I am nearly pain-free and the change in my quality of life can’t be overstated. The help Dr. Kreemer provided is one of my greatest gifts of the year!” – M.C., Seattle, WA


“For 20 years I suffered from severe migraine headaches that affected every facet of my life. Dr. Kreemer’s meticulous gathering of information combined with extraordinary knowledge and intuition lead her to a remedy that eliminated my headaches completely. Her methodology is compassionate, kind, and remarkably powerful. I never dreamed I would be free of my debilitating headaches. Dr. Kreemer’s care has changed my life!” – R.L.T., Seattle, WA


“I had depression and it was making my life unbearable. I went to a western doc, who only met me for 15 minutes then gave me a prescription. I didn’t like the idea of taking such drugs just to feel normal and was not excited about the side-effects. Luckily a friend recommended Homeopathy through Dr. Kreemer. I’m really glad I went that route. Barbara met me for much longer and I got the sense that she deeply understood what I needed. Pretty soon after I got my remedy I started feeling normal. Now I never have to take drugs and I feel great. Barbara saved my life as far as I’m concerned.” – Seattle, WA


“We first brought our son to Dr. Barbara shortly after his 3rd birthday. He had begun to experience episodes of completely irrational behavior and very angry outbursts. He also experienced unusual mood swings, unusual rectum itching/diaper rash, frequent awakenings at night and very loud outbursts in his dreams. This was all quite the contrary to his natural and usual behavior and we were able to identify the source of these reactions: wheat. As a result of these episodes, we were very concerned and I even began to wonder if he actually had some form of autism. Thankfully, Dr. Barbara was able to discern the perfect remedy for him and honestly, all of his symptoms have either completely resolved or diminished significantly. In fact, he inadvertently had a large amount of wheat noodles this week and we all braced for the change. However, the only symptoms he experienced were a one-day diaper rash and an extremely mild emotional reaction that was resolved quickly by giving him a small boost of his remedy! Such a wonderful success.” – C.B., Bothell, WA


“I had a recurring rash that was driving me crazy. Cortisone shots from a dermatologist did not provide any long-term help. Today it is all but vanished thanks to Dr. Kreemer. She chose a homeopathic remedy for me after getting to know all of me – my physical symptoms, and my emotional and mental patterns. The remedy treats the causes, not just the symptoms. I feel better all the way around, thanks to Dr. Kreemer. She helps heal the whole person.” – Seattle, WA


“I was referred to Dr. Kreemer for some consistent mysterious headaches I was having for 3-4 months. The headaches impacted my daily life by affecting my concentration at work and I felt unusually tired. The treatment was amazing because I noticed the results instantly! Within a few days of taking the remedy I noticed the headaches had disappeared. I couldn’t believe all the time I’d spent previously trying to figure out what it was, when all I needed was Dr. Kreemer.” – Anita, Seattle, WA


“For many years I had a severe snoring issue causing poor sleep for myself and loved ones.  It was bad enough that I had a sleep study performed to find out if it was sleep apnea or something in that realm.  After seeing Dr. Kreemer, I have had a huge reduction in my snoring, sometimes I don’t snore at all.” -W.S., Seattle

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